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Friday 18 April, 2014


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Thursday 06 March, 2014

3 Crazy and Innovative Homemade Mods for Old Bikes

Bikes make the world go green. Giving life to old bikes makes the world more greener. From bingo machine to knife sharpener, these old bikes get a new lease on life.

Monday 30 September, 2013

Wolfpack Hustle Drag Race 2013 6th Street Bridge

Sorry for the delay. Been real busy at Emortal. Dropped by earlier this month to take snaps at the Wolfpack Hustle Drag Race on the 6th Street Bridge. Enjoy!

Butcher Grind
Monday 22 July, 2013

Just another ordinary day of practice

Its just a normal day here in Koreatown Los Angeles filming and shredding our local spots.Practicing grinds until I get them down, and being a left foot forward its really difficult getting them down. As you see in the picture I’m trying to attempt a “Butcher Grind” (a smith with pedal contact on the surface) and normally its suppose to be the right pedal coming in contact with the surface but I found my own way conquering this grind.

Raheem Cohen
Thursday 07 March, 2013

Raheem Cohen – Simpler (Official Video)

About 4 months agoit was a typical day at work, and like my usual morning shifts i get off around 3pm. I usually head over to Golden Saddle & see what my buds are up to. This day i went over to the Triangle park located in the heart of Silverlake.

Thursday 07 March, 2013


This has got to be one of the best edits i have seen in a long time.
Has to be the best usage of pegs besides ive seen since i met Antonyo Wothe.
Rewatched this forsure.

Thursday 21 February, 2013

UVT at Active HQ

UsVersusThem team recently visited the Active indoor skatepark.
Looks like some crazy fun!

Devon & Steven going nuts.
Last clip is bonkers!

Royal Hc 4
Saturday 16 February, 2013

Royal HC 4 Jball & Elliot

Both of these guys get me so pumped to ride.
So good, to many bangers in here its a must see.

Elliot & Jball have progressed so much its amazing.

Here are all 4 Team Edits from royal in order from most recent to oldest.

Friday 08 February, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Today’s Throwback Thursday includes one of the most notorious riders of Los Angeles, not only can he shred on his BMX he can dash past you on his track bike.
Hernan Montenegro or “hern” was coming up in alley cats, drag races, etc. a few years back here in Los Angeles. I remember seeing him at every race and i already knew the outcome he wil be 1st. I used to race in these alleycats but always knew “hern” will be there. This video is without a doubt one of my favorite videos that dropped and gives you a good feeling when you see it.

Bridging the Gap V1. Directed and edited by Joseph Lobato. (Hernan Montenegro from Santa Monica, California)

Wednesday 06 February, 2013

Good Morning, Good Music

Bruno Mars one of my top favorites. its already valentines once again and Bruno is putting great music out!
Great Upbeat music, grab your bike, grab your headphones and ride your bike!