Last Friday night the Pedal Mobbers & I went to the screening of “Movies About Bikes” at the Vista Theater to support fellow Pedal Mobber and Monday Night Rehab founder John O’Snap Clark in his debut of “Monday Night Rehab: Story of a Midnight Ride Leader”. Film maker Rick Darge is amazing with creating film shorts using the natural environment. His view on bicycle culture was entertaining because it captured the true essence of riding around all over Los Angeles and introducing us to real life characters that you can bump into while doing these group rides. In addition Rick also treated us with another short film featuring Pedal Mobbin All Star- Dylan “Fish & Chips” Hurst-Lawley. The film short was about a guy infatuated with bikes transforms himself into his own infatuation and Fish & Chips picks him up as the bike & starts to trick around the Westside of L.A. All of the Pedal Mobbers were so stoked when Dylan came out on the big screen. Great job!

The short on the Wolf Pack Hustle was just as amazing. I missed last year because I was out of the country. But did it 2 years ago and that shit was bananas. I’m definitely gonna hit the Wolf Pack Hustle this year. Props to Don “Road Block” Ward for narrating us during the film and right before the movie I actually took pictures of him locking the bikes above the stoplight(check out the pic gallery above). BTW, Los Angeles please take back the dog tags this year at the Wolfpack Hustle LA Marathon CRASH RACE.

Los Angelopes and the West Side Mosley you guys know how to party and get down at your rides. True Road Warriors depicted in the film!

The third film short by Rick Darge “Bike Love” featuring Dee Dee was also fun to watch. I actually felt her pain when she lost her bike, but felt joy afterwards when she got it back. Dee Dee you are definitely KAWAII (Ultra Super Cute in Japanese).

Props to Mark Armes for hosting and producing the show.

All in all it was a great experience and I got to meet film maker Rick Darge that night. I’m hoping he can be part of the Pedal Mobbin Video movement! Let’s cross our fingers.

I hope you like the pictures! More info on the bottom.

By RawdMortal

More info…
Official Debut of the Monday Night Rehab: Story of a Midnight Ride Leader documentary short film which tells the story of one ride leader’s 9-5 day contrasted with him leading a group of 150+ cyclists through the streets of Los Angeles on a Monday night. Directed by Rick Darge. Produced by Mark Armes. Featuring John O’Snap Clark.

Los Angelopes, a short collage of freak bikes and confetti warfare. Visual documentation of their 3 year anniversary event where tall bikes and small bikes participate in an all day event of jousting, surfing the LA aqueducts and avoiding the police at all costs. Los Angelopes are a collective of midnight ridazz that specialize in creating, sharing and destroying art. Directed, Shot & Cut by Richie Thomassen.

Official Debut of the West Side Mosey sizzle video. A montage of color imagery mixed with electronica beats, documenting the West Side Mosey ride, a slow paced, party fueled, DJ-mixing adventure ride. Shot by Richie Thomassen & Directed by Rick Darge.

Bike love, the story about a girl and her love for her bike. Shot around Los Angeles and featuring an active member of the bike scene, bike love went on to become a viral hit after its debut 2 months ago. Starring Dee Dee K. Directed by Rick Darge.

Racing the End, shot and directed by Warren Kommers, tells the tale of the annual WOLFPACK HUSTLE all city race. Every year, hundreds of cyclists from around the globe meet in a donut shop parking lot in Hollywood. They compete for 27 miles along closed roads in the middle of the night while LA waits for the LA Marathon foot race the next morning.