ROYAL HC Flash Comp in the LBC


Sorry for the lateness, just been mad busy with EMORTAL. I didn’t really take too much photos at the ROYAL HC Flash Comp took more video. Just wanted to thank ROYAL HC for holding down the event in the LBC and letting EMORTAL & the Pedal Mobbers be part of this flash comp. Thanks to the other sponsors of the flash comp; RYD, MashAFix, CityGrounds, FUESH, FAMLI Straps, One9, Unknown, the EST, Resist, & Burrow. Shout out to the Pedal Mobb’s extended family Mike Chacon, Elliot Milner(I got a dope sequence of you at the end of the comp!), & RYD’s Johnny! The judges Congo, Justin & Joe McKeag

Special thanks to the Pedal Mobbers who attended, supported, & competed at the flash comp; Malik Mack, John Osnap,Collin Cox, Yesron Varela, Kevin Aguilar, Christian Ustarroz, Jonah Kessel, Katrina Medina, Kendall Cooper, Nick Andrews, Cole Ruffing & Emortal’s Daryl Magdangal(shooting some vid for the upcoming Pedal Mobbin video).

BTW thanks to Pedal Mobb’s & Monday Night Rehab’s John Osnap for making those dope Spoke Cards

Photos by Rawd_MORTAL…